Why Not Be a Prodigal?

$7.95 $7.16 AuthorAllen Webster

Is leaving the Lord worth it?

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Description from Brad Harrub, Editor of Think Magazine:

"Finally, a book that Christian teens can easily relate to and pass along to their friends who may be struggling in the real world. Allen Webster takes young people "where they need to go" in a way they will appreciate and learn from. Why Not Be a Prodigal tackles tough topics in a fresh, straightforward, and biblical fashion. It covers the spectrum of real temptations facing young people today - delivering wisdom from both the Old and New Testaments. I am already looking for space on my bookshelf, as this book will find a permanent place in our home for my own children. At the time when the church is begging for solid and sound teen material, Why Not Be a Prodigal answers the call. Having surveyed thousands of young Christian college students - many of whom are struggling with their faith and temptations - this book is a "must" for Bible classes all across our country."

Why Not Be a Prodigal is a 13 chapter book aimed for a class room setting of young people. Each chapter addresses tough subjects and has discussion questions following a textual study.