Early Missouri Preachers

$20.00 AuthorT. P. Hailey

Historical and Biographical Sketches of Early Churches and Pioneer Preachers of the Christian Churches in Missouri


"What a thrill it was to recently become aware of this book which sheds so much light on the birth and growth of the church in Missouri in the 1800's. This state was a stronghold of the Lord's church in America from about 1830 through the remainder of the century. Many of the most zealous and capable preachers either labored in Missouri or were the fruit of the church's work in Missouri. The reprinting of this book is a monumental contribution to the preservation of some of the vitally important history of God's people." -- Byron Nichols, evangelist, Springfield, MO; Managing Editor of The Voice of Truth International.

This is a 2-volume set ideal for every church library


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