Rest in Green Pastures

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Encouragement for Shepherds


The role of elder is arguably the church’s most thankless job. From putting out fires and dealing with disgruntled members to teaching new Christians and encouraging the weak, all while being a model disciple, an elder’s role can seem exhausting and unrelenting. To survive, elders need a place of spiritual solitude and relief where they can draw closer to the Chief Shepherd and have their soul restored.

In Rest in Green Pastures, ten shepherds offer encouragement, help, and hope for common struggles faced by church leaders. Topics covered include the New Testament’s vision of a shepherd’s role and responsibilities, the training and appointment of new elders, and the role of an elders’ wife. Written by men with a combined seventy years of service as overseers, Rest in Green Pastures offers a helping hand to those tasked with the most important job in the world.


  1. The Honor of Serving as an Elder by Ron McElyea
  2. New Testament Pattern for Church Leadership by Jim Faughn
  3. Qualifications of Elders by Sellers Crain
  4. Responsibilities of Elders by Jay Lockhart
  5. Things Elders Do That People See by Ray Bowman
  6. Things Elders Do That People Don’t See by Steve Bailey
  7. Training Young Men to be Elders by Howard Norton
  8. Appointing New Elders by Jerrie Barber
  9. The Wife of an Elder by Janace Scott
  10. The Marks of an Effective Elder by Gregg Woodall
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