Why Do We...Commonly Asked Questions (b&w)

$4.95 $4.46 SeriesSouthwest Church of Christ Lectureship
AuthorSam Wilcut

32nd Southwest Lectureship 2013


The religious world clearly recognizes several unique features of that undenominational institution known as the church of Christ. This book, Why Do We.....? addresses key issues that frequently catch the attention of both non-Christians and growing Christians. The material will not only arm the developing Christian, but will also strengthen the faith of all by answering questions like these:
  • Why do we believe that miracles have ceased?
  • Why do we advocate that baptism is essential to salvation?
  • Why do we believe that a Christian may fall from grace?
  • Why do we use only vocal music in worship to God?
  • Why do we affirm only one scriptural reason for divorce and remarriage?
Why Do We...? contains two quarters of material for use in a standard Bible class curriculum. With clear, concise lessons and thought-provoking questions, this material is suitable for classes ranging from middle-school to adult.

In addition, this book is ideal for personal or family Bible studies and devotions, new convert Bible classes and a variety of other uses.

This edition is all black and white print except for the cover.

108 pages