Forty Years on the Second Pew

$11.95 $10.76 AuthorDebbie Kea

What every preacher's wife needs


A preacher's wife is a real person with real feelings. Often those feelings are overwhelming due to the fatigue of "living in a fish bowl." Sometimes she has to deal with situations no other member of the congregation ever has to deal with - everyone knowing how much money her husband makes, living in a house that members consider theirs instead of hers, and so on. Other times, she has joys that other members may not have - sharing in weddings, baptisms, etc. And on top of all that, she may even be expected to be the de facto host for every event the congregation has - no matter how many responsibilities she has in her own home!

This book provides support, encouragement, and advice. Every preacher's wife will benefit from the wisdom Debbie Kea has to share based on her life as a preacher's wife. This book should be required reading for every wife of a preacher-in-training. Highly recommended for every church library!