Pictorial Guide to New Testament Archaeology

$11.99 $10.79 SeriesKregel Pictorial Guides
AuthorJohn McRay

An exploration of the world Jesus knew


In this informative and colorful introduction to the New Testament archaeology, author John McRay explores the history, culture, and social forces that shaped the world of the early church. Beginning with a basic explanation of the role and methodology of archaeology, McRay outlines the civic, religious, and domestic structures that were foundations to the New Testament world. Moving from the general to the specific, he then explores the significant influence of Herod the Great in the first century and the life and ministry of Jesus. With the rise of the early church, the author turns to survey the sites of Paul’s travels in Asia Minor and the major cities of the Mediterranean world such as Athens and Rome. Richly illustrated with color maps, photographs, illustrations, and diagrams, The Kregel Pictorial Guide to New Testament Archaeology makes archaeology accessible and is the perfect resource for either personal or classroom use.

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