Pictorial Guide to Old Testament Archaeology

$11.99 $10.79 SeriesKregel Pictorial Guides
AuthorAlfred Hoerth

An exploration of the civilizations of the Bible


In this informative and colorful introduction to Old Testament archaeology, author Alfred Hoerth explores the history, culture, and social forces that shaped the Biblical world. Beginning with Abraham, The Kregel Pictorial Guide to Old Testament Archaeology follows the Bible’s chronology up to the return of the exiles in 536 B.C. For each Biblical era, the author examines the archaeological evidence related to the Bible and from neighboring nations, cultures, and peoples, such as Mesopotamia, Sumer, Egypt, the Hittites, and the Babylonians. Richly illustrated with color maps, photographs, illustrations, and diagrams, this concise guide makes archaeology accessible and is the perfect resource for either personal or classroom use.

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