Commentary on Daniel

$24.95 $22.46 AuthorHomer Hailey

A Prophetic Message


This is not a critical commentary of the book of Daniel, but an effort to interpret the book in relation to present day needs.  No pretense is made to prophesy the future, attempting to foretell specifically what it holds for us, for only God can do that. Chapters include: • BABYLON AND THE BEGINNING OF THE PERSIAN PERIOD: Daniel in Babylon • Nebuchadnezzer's First Dream • Nebuchadnezzer's Golden Image: Faith Tested in a Fiery Trial • Nebuchadnezzer's Second Dream: A Great Tree Cut Down • Belshazzar and the End of Babylonian Rule • Daniel in the Lion's Den • THE NATION'S FUTURE: DREAMS AND VISIONS OF DANIEL • The Four Beasts and the Kingdom of God • The Ram and the He-goat • Section One, Verses 1-23 Daniel's Prayer and Gabriel's Second Visit • Section Two: The Seventy Weeks • A Vision of Introduction to Chapters Eleven and Twelve • Between the Testaments • The End • EPILOGUE • APPENDIX A, Seventy Weeks, by Phil Roberts • APPENDIX B, John's Anti-Christ & Paul's Man of Sin • BIBLIOGRAPHY
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