The Gospel of Forgiveness

$23.00 $20.70 AuthorChad Sychtysz

What the Bible teaches on forgiveness


"What exactly does it mean to ‘forgive’?”

"Will God really forgive my sins- as many as they are?”

"Can I forgive someone who refuses to own up to what he (or she) did?”

"Is my forgiveness the same as God’s forgiveness?”

"What if I have been hurt so deeply that I don’t believe I can forgive?”

If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions, then this book is for you.

In The Gospel of Forgiveness, Chad Sychtysz digs deeply into the biblical teaching on the subject of forgiveness. His approach is objective and methodical. He makes every attempt to present these teachings as accurately, insightfully, and descriptively as possible. This is an easy book to read, and yet its effect upon the reader will be eye-opening and profound. It is very likely that you will never again look at forgiveness- or the gospel of Christ- the same after reading this book.

268 pages
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